by Slim Set

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released January 29, 2018

WATCH THE VIDEO FOR 'LAZY' HERE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfAo1Pyhc6I

written & performed by dev
written, produced, recorded & mixed by atro

'unleaded' featuring marty large from triple one
'gatorade' was inspired by and features a sample and melody by gutzzz (maddog)

photo by pat mikha

lots of love to a lotta ppl: sej, amelia, wade, pat, anna, jonno, mel, devoushi, cass, gina, jon

written and recorded on gadigal and burramattagal land of Eora and Darug peoples. we pay our respect to the traditional custodians of these lands we have grown and harvested these tracks on.


all rights reserved



Slim Set Sydney, Australia

2 boys
1 puffer
10 cones

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Track Name: Cooked
When im on the mic Its time d-d-d-duel
Coz my bars turbo charged
like vrum sutututu
Blowing up tracks like - fuk ur 'skrt'
Pull up on the handbrake And u observe
Me chop tree like sudowoodo
I don’t cut grass cos Man I got bars

And yeh I got bush On my push bike
omw To the doof
With a satty of that Premium kush
dogs going woof And Wacko
Cus im on that Loud ppack not bacco
Ye im brown but them
Whites on schmackos
Meth and ice - But my sesh is nice

Oi Pump that spliff like a bug zapper
Bzzt cunt like me get pumped in my own of parramatta
I think my plug spray my weed with that mortein again
Shit, now im on the plate like batter up batter
bet im gonna throw that back, lick that skin
Flip that stick from a Q to Oz n I'll make that 4-pack back
U think u know me but u don’t know shit
Im a son of the world like a lunchbox snack
And I swear these days these days
All da lads wanna see me bashed
But now im bigger on track
Got more than dick in my dacks

that's that's that’s cooked
To the gronks at the back of the doof
Like yeah na that that’s cooked cuz
So what if im a sook bruz
-- yeah na that’s cooked
Hit em with a mic hand a quick hook
That’s that’s that’s cooked
Atro alright im gonna get

& I swear all these HKs
Staunching a freak like me
But I wont budge on a beat
Ur m8 stay slim but the
Sub foot long so he's - massive
Yugioh putting the race card down
In panick attack mode
My city not not on the map yaya
West syd great but im higher
Na im not dedset hectic
Young bit of dick like me

Slim set the neck in the bottle
Parra's top model is me
& im dedset wrecking
This atro tune
N I dun give a fuk if ur name was flume
Cos another white boy could've made it too


i what u need im like kaya,
liar, not a connect or supplier
just a b-b-buyer,
ask where im from said the gaia
Maya, the world a sik papaya
& It mighta been her blood and guts
So i chop it ruff the bud , n aye i eye ah-like her -

Damn caught out and I’m off yaya,
when i was a kid i was a writer
now I’m just the kid whos known 2 hype up
Mic up never gonna tire
Damn caught out and I’m off yaya,
when i was a kid i was a writer
now I’m just the kid whos known 2 hype up
Atro get em with that choir
Track Name: Unleaded (ft. Marty Large)
when the hyper cunt
light enuf
siphon the mic
Then ride that dub
wudn’t wanna fight
that kid thats fukd
D to the ehhh V
he bugged
u might’ve just
stepd into ring
with midas cuz
everything i spit sound gold
U speak klingon while my shit cold
Like articuno
ur skim millk I’m full cream
the pills u pop are pharmaceuticals like lacteez
u got ramen noodles on ur arms and knees
why wud u wanna spar with me
I’m on path 2 be gggreat
haven’t had a payday since 08
Like is he ur mate?
I don’t give a fuk bout what he sprays
oh he writes? right he’s old mate
like OK - even if ur bats or mals
ekats or iske
it can't fly with me
ur name cud be 6 feet up on trackside
but still staunchin down ur backside
if u get what i mean cos
that S-e-t from west sydney
Skinny squibs pump 2 16s
two balls deep in that THC
boys wanna be me, girls want the
big D-e-v, from parra to the CBD listen

Every day I make the plays
Suck it up & stay the same
Quit my ways? its funny how
These Habits never change

Every day I snipping grade
Suck it up & stay the same
Quit my ways - its funny how
That cutter chopping blade
Track Name: Lazy
It’s the lazy, lazy azn 1
South 4 the winter with amazing bud
lazy, lazy azn 1
never gave a fuk

lazy chosen 1
not sharp no more im blunt
lazy hazy 1 (yeh im the one)
n na, you don't know me but - (dont think i ever gave a fuk)

And I think the we on the brink, I think
I spit and swell,
Car keys on the left when i bell Dutch if he got
Bud or grub for the kid that thin as hell
He never picks up
N I Think 2 myself 'oh well'
Time 2 Buzz all these cunts
On my cellular cell
like Cuz, on a good day but not today
I Normally feel like perfect Cell
Smashing up Androids
And iPhones as well on the set
I plan to take u to hell with me On the decks
From West Sydney to the End of it all what a trek
My city is stressed cos

Cunt - from Camperdown to Granville
Marayong to Ashfield
be licking 5mg dexies - not Advils
Head pounding like a hammer on anvil
BANG - I run on Empty with a
glove compartment chocka twenties
I dodge tolls n RBTs from Wenty til im passing Bass Hill
And maaan, All these apartments look like ant hills
Why are all my girls fukn sad still
Wish I was a bigger kid so I cud dismantle
My nanny state, cityscape
Think how my mates is on the sad pills
On the tin can back to Fairfield cos Pats got bud so i can just chill


I bit the hand that fed me
Akil said I got a mad setta teeth
I'm done teething,
Nibble at the heels of my infant feelings
Its thaaat 3 A M I'm sober in KFC
w a three piece feed
& I learnt from marrow in da
Chick that I bit and suck
That the kid is gifted as fuck
Hype it up, pipe it up and tellem
Cunt I'm grown With the mic and venom
Fuk ur type I get more bent than beckham does
And I cut tree like woody woodpecker does (haaaa)
Don’t get snooty with a felon cus
Im not the guy you reckon i was
Suck it and see, spitting out seeds,
For the vultures, Lets get a feed
Cos That’s the culture - hit up max wee
N i get that aggy agriculture
Now Im stuck on Church Street
& I think i got a puncture
cos my rims feel weak
When I get on and on
But - Whats a big fish small pond
Watch it go down
The chamber or shaft of my bong
N I don’t care if its wrong it feels so gud
Monday morning n i wanna get cooked
And I swear one day im gonna get gud
Track Name: Gatorade
u dont wanna test me stress me na
if u want address it wreck me hard
but i will never say u right
ok now

Earn-a-spliff - burner kid
Locked jaw gurneying
Blaze a sunny grin - ima furnace
samosa in shop glass
“Caution hot surface”
Yeh a slim curry that serves spit
Alwas saying dirty shit
bong dipd in slip slurry not an urban myth
Ceramicist or mad potter at night a sad blogger
or track fodder yeah I’m that type
im tactile sick to the point of extinct
pterodactyl - agile as fuk
but I’m debt ridden
dev isn’t probo when u smitten
with spit, hit to the miss,
kick off a mission while kicking the cigs like

u dont wanna test me stress me na
if u want address it wreck me hard
but i will never say u right
ok now


and when da sub da sub hits
sinking like the sun in sunkist
yah i don’t mess with dumb shits
I’m gas carbon and fizz
cunt i dont argue i spliff
molecules they get ripped
Caesar clown and big up kids
with poison on a track like this

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